If you are wanting to commission me in the near future, then please take a moment to read my commission T&C, to be sure you acknowledge and understand my way of working. Failure to do so may result in your commissions being cancelled for the round of commissions you have sent in an application for, or possibly in all future openings. So please read CAREFULLY before submitting a commission request.

I, the artist, reserve the right to refuse, reject, or cancel your commission at any stage if I feel the need to do so, without any further communication. 
If this does indeed happen, you will receive a full refund, or partial depending on what work has been done thus far. 



  • All payments made to me are via PayPal invoice, I accept no other method of payment. My main currency is GBP (Great British Pounds)

  • Communication with me during the commissioning process will more than likely through email. So when you submit a form, please get back to me as soon as you can, or I will move onto the next commission.

  1.  I will confirm that your commission has been accepted, if you are successful, and add your slot to my art queue.

  2.  A rough sketch will be created so you will have some idea of what your finished commission will look like, at this stage I encourage you to let me know of any changes that you would like to be made, after the following process, it becomes very difficult to change. 

  3.  Once you have approved the sketch, I will send you an invoice, this must be paid within 24-48 hours of me sending it.

  4.  I will send you updates as often as I see fit, but if you are curious as to where you are in the queue, please check my art queue.

  5.  Upon completion, I will send you the finished image before I post it to my own galleries.

    And voila, you have your own art from me!




  • Clients are more than welcome to upload the finished artwork to their own social media/galleries, or to crop them down to make avatars/icons etc, but the watermark MUST remain visable.

  • As the artist I have the right to post commissions I complete (but will respect any wishes that they be kept private), and that I can use them as examples if needed for future work.

  • All images MUST be given credit, if you post the work, please either credit me (Nuudle/Shaema) or link to my FurAffinity page.